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We are a team of activist, business owners, judges, officers, therapist, religious leaders, credible messengers  and psychologist all committed to the emotional and mental health of the community in which we serve!

The Community Initiatives of New York, also proudly known as TCIONY, is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization focused on the improvement and successes of our local organizations and communities, while meeting their individual and community needs. Through strategic collaboration and involvement with our corporate partners and community leaders, we are dedicated to providing programs and initiatives that will be able to become a stepping stone for progress within the individuals in our community.


TCIONY was created for the purpose of serving our underrepresented black and brown communities in New York City and making sure they get the justice, equity, and opportunities that they truly deserve, and overall giving them the knowledge and voice to fight against the systematic obstacles that were put in place against them. With that being said, we strive to continue making a stronger community and being there for them, while they are 100% there for us, because they know that they can always rely on us as a support system.

TCIONY currently and proudly promotes our Teaching A Generation (T.A.G.) program where we allow our community’s youth, who are possibly under undesirable situations, to have a safe space every week, also known as T.A.G. Night (#YOUTHSPEAKS). This gives them the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and their outlook on aspects of their lives such as home life, education, and surroundings. They go in depth on how they cultivated and maintained their street reputations; share their opinions on school; and their individual ideologies. We also used the acronym T.A.G. to promote our Teens Against Guns movement, especially during a time where violence is on the rise, we strive to make this our principal youth anti-gun violence motto.


TCIONY gives the youth a chance to take the lead or participating in anti-gun rallies, marches, and corner occupations. We hopefully encourage these high risk teenagers to create a better perspective on life and keep them from harm's way as much as possible.


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