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Social Emotional Learning

We assist schools from grades 5th -12th in Social Emotional Learning inside the classroom while assisting current faculty and staff in helping to change the trajectory of the students by teaching them real life skills such as; decision making, conflict resolution, positive self-image, peer-mediation, mentoring, mental health, communication skills, leadership skills, entrepreneurial workshops, behavioral management, social awareness, self-care and much more.  


Social Emotional Learning

Class-room setting. We push into current advisory classes and teach for the entire class period from our Social Emotional Learning Curriculum. Our classes are very engaged and designed to help students learn how to express themselves, while learning critical tools that will help them be productive individuals both at school and in the community. 


1:1 Mentoring

We provide 1:1 mentoring with students who are the "interruptors" needing a little extra support in learning how to manage their emotions and express themselves in a healthy way. 

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