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Transitional Program

We help youth navigate from home to the workplace, home to college, home into real life situations and community. In other words, we help youth transition from their present state to their future.


This program will teach essential soft skills that will ensure youth are able to function and contribute in a meaningful productive way on their next journey or on their next life assignments. 

T.A.G. Transitional Program

We believe that the reason we experience a high degree of gang activities, youth violence, high truancy rates, bullying, incarceration, substance abuse and youth mental health issues (just to name a few) is because the youth have not acquired the necessary skill sets, or even feel confident within themselves to be acclimated in society transitioning from one state to another. Therefore they find other means and methods to cope with the deficiencies that they lack in socialization with others. 


This program will further serve as a supplement in bridging the gap between the deficiencies that lurk in every youth that do not feel confident or prepared to enter in the next phase of their life. 


Our team of experts have over 30 years of experience, and share their wealth of knowledge in Law Enforcement, Department of Education, Corporate Engagement, Human Resources, Politics, Entertainment, Social Work, Child Development, Legal and of course the Community at large.

Soft Skills TOPICS will include:


1.) Communication

2.) Creative problem solving and innovation

3.) Time Management

4.) A growing mindset

5.) Emotional Intelligence

6.) Collaboration

7.) Adaptability

8.) Active Listening

9.) Leadership

10.) Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Sensitivity. 

11.) The Art of Decision Making

12.) The Art of Engagement


What is a supplement:

According to Google Dictionary, a supplement is: “something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.”

What is transition:

According to Google Dictionary, transition is: “The process or a period of changing from one state of condition to another.






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