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Mental Felon


We are often held as a physical prisoner, incarcerated behind metal bars, in a state of confinement, when the real convict is our thoughts and mental state that influences our natural behaviors.


Thoughts that dictate, instruct, guide, blackmail, threaten, intimidate, and pressure us to carry out behaviors in and through our physical bodies. Our mental state can sometimes become a victim based upon the influence of our experiences culturally, the impact of history, effects of prejudices, parental guided, upbringing and childhood responses. It becomes victimized by its environment, now subjected to take on and embrace philosophies and concepts that will dictate all mode and movements.


There are more imprisoned people sitting on the outside of an actual prison than there are sitting inside secured, concrete walls. Individuals with “Free Will” imprisoned by concepts, philosophies and ideologies that they believe are the gospel.  The liberations afforded to the mind is unconceivable due to the environmental nourishment that has been planted to nurture it.

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The burden of mental disorders continues to grow with significant impacts on health and major social, human rights and economic consequences in all countries of the world.


We are committed to traveling all throughout New York & New Jersey and across the country to do our part in helping bring awareness by facilitating workshops, trainings and seminars on mental illness.

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Mental Health in the Black Community: Then and Now
Mental Health in the Black Community: Then and Now
Feb 26, 2021, 12:00 PM
Mental Health in the Black Community:
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