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Executive Director: Al Cohen: 

Al Cohen is the Founder and Executive Director of the Community Initiatives of NC, NJ, NY (TCIONY). He overseas the development and creation of the various arms of the non-profit.

With over 25 years of experience in leadership, Cohen masters the art of strategic thinking and the development of influential relationships. He is an industry leader who understands the benefits of the inclusion of high level public relation solutions, cohesive marketing and broad communication ranges to meet the needs of our community.

As the Executive Director of TCIONY, Cohen aims to establish a global, significant and engaging presence within communities by using education as the core resource to bridging the gaps.  Cohen has a sharp, cutting-edge mindset that influences behavior, change and motivates action.  It is this internal commitment that has outwardly birthed TCIONY

Cohen is a graduate of the New York Institute of Finance and the Borough of Manhattan Community College, from which he received an associate degree in finance. His certification includes Youth Crisis and Prevention Arbitrator, former New York City Mayor David Dinkins; Lifetime Member, Young Fathers Program of New Jersey; Behavior Modification and Therapeutic Intervention, St. Christopher Otillie; Conflict Resolution and Intergroup Relations, City of New York. Al Cohen then received both his Bachelors & Masters in Theology from Redding University. Cohen is the author of, "The Mind is a terrible thing to waste". 


Cohen is currently Clergy Liaison for the NYPD Detective Bureau. 

-Certified CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach), 2018

-Certified Life Coach, 2019

-Certified Mental Health First Aid (Adult), 2019

-Certified Drug and Alcohol counselor, 2009

-Certified Mediator and Arbitrator, 2011

-Certified Motivational / Inspirational speaker, 2004

-Certified Conflict Resolution and Intergroup Relations, 2012

What is CBT? ​With CBT, we empower coaching clients to stop self-sabotage, reprogram their mind, master emotions & stop negative thinking​

  • Use CBT to empower your clients to take their power back

  • Use CBT to help your clients get unstuck and overcome procrastination

  • Use CBT to help clients stop feeling out of control

  • Use CBT to teach clients how they can control their thoughts, emotions, and reactions

  • Use CBT to help clients make hard decisions

  • Use CBT to help clients stop self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors

  • Use CBT to help clients overcome fear that’s holding them back

  • Use CBT to help clients tame their inner critic

  • Use CBT to help clients stop incessant worrying and minimize anxiety

  • Use CBT to help clients stop negative thinking and feel more optimistic

Trusted Partners: Karen Fairly

Karen is a licensed Evangelist in the Church of God in Christ with over 30 years of diverse experience,
education, and skill-set. Her first love is the teaching of the Word of God. She has experience in various
leadership roles in for-profit, non-profit and state government. All programs in the areas of her expertiseare done with a biblical foundation. She currently is Director of Program Development & Policy at the Center for Safer Schools.

Areas of Expertise: 

Domestic Violence Program | Mental Health First Aid (Adult, Youth & Teen)
Grant Writing & Management | Single &Teen Parenthood | Human Trafficking Non-Profit/Ministry Development

-Licensed Evangelist – Church of God in Christ (Upper Room), Raleigh, NC 2004

-Adult, Youth & Teen Mental Health First Aid Instructor, National Council for Behavior Health, 2016 

-Certified Grant Writer, Research Associates, Irmo, SC, 2001

-Fellow, Institute of Political Leadership -NC State University, Raleigh, NC, 2005 

-Community Builders Learning Project-NC Community Network Solution, 2006

-Cultural Competence, NC Council of Community Programs, Raleigh, NC 2009                 

-Medication Admin, BBP per OSHA & Seizure Management, Durham, NC, 2010                 

-Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities #202, Raleigh, NC, 2010               

-Multiple Response Is System Reform, Fayetteville, NC, 2005

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