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Teaching A Generation 

We are re-defining what it means to be violence interrupters. We are CURE VIOLENCE at it's CORE and focusing on PREVENTION

T.A.G. is a youth empowerment program that is geared towards helping and assisting our youth in the process of the three D's

         -Decision making



The T.A.G program sees the importance of working with the generation of youth step by step, in every phase of their life to assure they can and will achieve a positive outcome. We focus on three specific areas. 

1.) Decision making: We know and understand that life is filled with so many options and opportunities. How do we know which to choose? How do we know how to choose? How do we know when to choose? In this program we lay out a very comprehensive set of guidelines that one needs to consider before making a decision. 

2.) Development: We know that things in life don't just happen overnight. We understand that everything and anything worth having takes hard work and time. This is why we share with our youth the principles and stages of development. We give them a fundamental look at the process of life after decisions have been made, thus instilling in them a great deal of hope and patience. 

3.) Delivery: What do you do when things seem to happen unexpectedly, or even expectedly? What does integrity even mean? How do you make good on your word or your works? We believe that once a decision is made and you are now in the process of developing, shortly after comes the delivery - hence the outcome!

In this program we will teach our youth how to succeed with what you have been given and where you are NOW in your life. We will share principles on:

       -How to excel when it looks like hell

       -Turning your options into opportunities

       -How to take advantage of a disadvantage

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